How to write YouTube Titles = Get More Views for Your SEO Optimized Video Title and Rank #1

Hey, what’s up, everybody? YouTube titles, are they important? Yes. How do you write a good one? How do you write one that pops up in search? How do you write one that gets clicked? Stay tuned.

Let’s talk about YouTube tube titles. Are they important? Yes, they are very important, and especially if you are just starting out, you want to let Google know, YouTube, Google know that what you’re talking about, what your channel is about, what your videos are about, so use every opportunity that you can to explain to YouTube what the hell you’re talking about.

That means filling out as many tags as you can in your back end, writing a lengthy description and, most importantly, your title. Okay? You want your title to pop up in search. All right? That’s the SEO aspect of it, and it has to be related to the subject of your video. Otherwise, it’s clickbait, and people will not watch your videos, and you will not get shown, so the SEO aspect of it is very important, and you want to use keywords. You want it to sound natural, but you also want to use keywords, and you basically want to say what the video is about. Okay?

Now, the first part of it is the first 50 to 60 characters is the most important for a couple of reasons. Number one, it’s what shows up in these little thumbnails here. Okay? You get approximately 55 characters, depending on whether you are using capitals, whether you’re using punctuation marks or whatever, and this is really your message right here. This is what most people see, so play around. When you’re editing your video, play around and see how it looks in this format right here. Sometimes, if the sentence is cut off and making … Alex Becker can do what he wants because I would … I don’t know. This one got 217K views, so … He just fills this in. It doesn’t really matter, but you … If you’re watching this video, then you’re not Alex Becker.

I mean, the most important thing, in my opinion, about your title is telling YouTube what your video is about because you can use your thumbnail to really get the click-through rates to boil down your message, to sell the sizzle and to have a little bit of a different approach or a little different description of what your video is, a little more sensational, and that’s really where you want to catch the viewer’s attention. Okay? So the title, you’re basically talking to YouTube.

YouTube doesn’t read the text in the thumbnail. You want to send that message directly to your viewer, and that’s where you want to get clicked, so in my opinion, to use the first few words of your title in the thumbnail is a waste because you want to give it a different … You want your thumbnail to have a little bit of a different message. You want to sell the sizzle in your thumbnail, and don’t just repeat the title of your video in the thumbnail. Okay? My opinion, thumbnails are way more important for click-through rates than titles. You get 100 characters in your title. Use them all. Find keywords and use them all. Craft it. Don’t make it sound stilted or awkward, but try to find keywords and fill out that whole title. Use all 100 characters. Why the hell not?

Okay. Again, the first part of your title, you want it to be pretty straightforward explanation of what the video is about. Okay? In the second half, you can maybe be a little bit more sensational. Use some more keywords and make it … You can make it a little interesting. The tool that I like to use is Tube Rank Machine. There is a title generator part of this app. Let’s say you want to do … you’re making a video about Muay Thai. Okay? It will pull up the 20 top videos if you just … somebody is searching Muay Thai. All right?

What you do is you download all the titles, and then it comes up as a text document, and you can start seeing … Okay, of course, Muay Thai is naturally going to be something that you want to have in your video. Fight, fight, fighting, let’s see, ultimate, traditional, strategy, et cetera. Wait, I saw … Let’s see, versus, you can just throw that in, knockout. Okay, so try to … here’s some … Get off my screen, douche bag. Try to filter these in, even in … maybe in your description and in your title. Put this little versus in there. It’s eye-catching. Let’s say your video is about a move that you’re doing in Muay Thai or a stance or something like that. You know what? Filter a few of these real popular words in here, and you can put them in all caps, and it’ll just be more eye-catching.

Let’s say your video is about Muay Thai, a stance, or a move, or something like that. As much as possible, try to use a few of these words within the title. Let’s just say Muay Thai stance ultimate the … or we … ultimate traditional stance for knockouts, something like that, for knockouts, for fighting knockouts or something, for fighting knockouts. No, that doesn’t make any sense. For knockouts. Ultimate Muay Thai fighting stance. Ultimate traditional stance for knockouts. Okay. There’s a title for you. There is the SEO part.

Here is a little bit of a sizzle part, and you’re going to … It’s probably going to show something about this many characters underneath your thumbnail. Okay? In your thumbnail, you could be creative. You can be a little bit more salesy or you could sell your video, be a little bit more sensational. I like just doing this, picking out the words that you see over and over again of the most successful videos, and I like to make a title like that, so there you have it. I’m not going to save that because I’m not doing Muay Thai, so there you have it.

Remember, you want your title to be SEO-friendly. You want it to describe your video. You want the first 60 characters to show up in this little box here and make sense, and you want it to be different from your thumbnail. You want it to be a little bit more SEO, and you want your thumbnail to do the selling for you. Okay? I hope this was helpful. Please like this video. Please subscribe to my channel and click any and all links that you see. Just keep clicking any and all links you see in the description. Remember, it’s right in front of you. You can do this. I mean you could really do this shit. It’s right in front of you. Grab it, make it real. Cheers.

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If you have proven yourself to YT, they will show you videos in search

Get seen, get clicked, get watched

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The title of your YouTube video is the most important SEO element of the whole process.

Goal of search is to end search

Use at least 70 characters –

First 50 – 60 characters most important

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