7 Rules for Old Newbie Affiliate Marketers


What is an old newbie?

If you grew up before there was internet, and you’ve recently decided to make some money online, you’re an old newbie.


Affiliate marketing is the most beautiful business model ever created.

Imagine – make money from home with no store, no warehouse, No overhead, no inventory, no employees and no accounts receivable.

It’s truly a miracle dream business. Anyone has the potential to create real financial freedom.

Yet most folks who try it quit within a year.

Why? Because they never get that initial success that fuels them onward.

People perceive it as being super easy. They think they can post a few things and go viral (the chances of that are slightly better than the lottery).

Plus there are so many different ways to make money online. It can be overwhelming. There is a tremendous amount of information overload. There are so many voices – so many siren calls to make money this way or that.

They try a few things with zero results. Then they give up.

Here is my best advice to you – find the simple way to make money online- and do it as soon as you can.  It will open your eyes, and show you that it is really possible to make money from the internet.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Find a system that works

Remember – you don’t have years to waste on trial and error and split testing.   If you think you can create a brand new approach to make money online – You’re probably wrong.

The good news it that others have spent millions dollars and hours already on creating highly profitable systems. Take a method that is already working and run with it.

You can put your stamp on it and make it your own later.

Invest in your business

Which is another way of saying invest in yourself.  Don’t be cheap about putting money into training, programs and courses.

You want to get this thing going as fast as possible – not as cheaply as possible.

Revenue covers all expenses, but no amount of money gets your time back.  Spend a few dollars and they will come back fast with their buddies.



Make a Few Bucks – Quickly

Don’t worry too much at first about having a presence on every social platform or “building your brand”.  You can do that over time. Just start making a few bucks.

Don’t scoff at $20/day. It is so magical.  It’s $600 bucks a month. You can lease a Jaguar with that. (You actually should reinvest it in your business – just saying).

More importantly – that income gives you a confidence – confidence to fuel your persistence.

Take it from somebody who has messed around with internet marketing for years, start making commissions as soon as possible – however small.

Keep It Simple – (at least at First)

The term “Internet marketing” is so massively broad. There are hundreds of aspects to it.  Many, many moving parts. Dozens of skills to learn, a multitude of apps and software to get familiar with. It can be paralyzingly overwhelming.

Pick one type of marketing – paid, social, SEO and get good at it.

You don’t have to build a funnel or a massive blog to make money in the beginning.

Don’t even worry about an email list at first. Choose affiliate offers with big or recurring commissions. AND GET ROLLING!!

Reject Perfection

On the internet – you don’t have time for perfection – nobody does.

Things change so rapidly and there’s so much competition, you’ll be left in the dust (and to dust you shall return – just keeping it real).

You can make so much more money and help so many more people producing a lot of content with mistakes then a few “perfect” posts.


Don’t Obsess with Stats

Another piece of advice – don’t be obsessed with your statistics. If you check followers, or visits, or likes or views every day, it can lead to discouragement.

All that will come over time. Believe me. Don’t obsess.

Don’t Compare

The saying goes “Don’t compare the start of your journey to the middle of some one else’s” or something like that.

If you are starting out and you look at people who have been at it for years, you will feel like a rank newbie and you might lose your motivation.

You are on your own journey. Keep your eyes on the road.

If you stay at it, you will hit is a tipping point and then success seems to flood in.

Do Enjoyable work (to you)

Internet marketing has a lot of facets. You are not going to be good at them all. And you will find a lot of them to be drudge work.

If you keep forcing yourself to do tasks you hate, you will burn out. You have to maintain your will power.

The good news it that you only have to do the tasks you like and are really good at – anything else can easily and cheaply outsource.

be prepared to feel kinda dumb

You’ve worked for the last 30 or 40 years and you were really good at your job.

Now you are jumping into a new world with new apps and software and new jargon.

And it feels like everyone in the space is young (little punks!).

You are going to feel dumb and helpless at times. It sucks. You have to push through.

Remember – keep learning and your brain keeps growing.

Do each thing with a result in mind

There are a lot of Seth-Godin types out there who tell you to just create and give away tons of content and you will eventually be rewarded. Maybe, maybe not. But in any case, if you were 22 and single, you could play around with this approach.

Sorry to say it, but you don’t have time to churn out gobs of free content and wait for the world to find you.

Every single thing you do should be done for a specific, desired outcome – not for vague stuff like “building my brand” or “increasing my social presence”.

EVERYTHING you post should have some reason and a definite call to action – even if it’s just “Please like or subscribe”.

treat it like a business – not a hobby

If you are serious, you should approach this as a business – not a hobby or side hustle (I hate that term).

You should start an LLC. Then it’s a REAL business. It represents a commitment to turn a profit.

Use accounting software and keep track expenses and your time.  Believe me,  It will help you make better decisions.

Reinvest heavily

Once you start making some dough, use it to buy courses and training, employ automation software and to outsource whatever you can.

Also – hire a coach or mentor to vastly accelerate your online business.


I wasted four years without making any money on the internet because I disregarded the above advice.  When you are over 50, each year is really precious.

In online marketing – time is of the essence. This is truer for every day that passes.

Get a running start right now.