Micro Content is What You Need to Be Producing

You are an online marketer! Great.

So are you going to post on Facebook or Twitter a couple times a day?

Good Luck!

The Universe of social media is vast beyond your comprehension.

It is getting bigger and noisier and more crowded every single day.

You need to push the pedal all the way down and never let up.


You have to be quick and nimble. Speed is the new big.


You have to produce content and post like a maniac. Don’t worry about overdoing it. You have to get your name out there.


One of my social media idols is Kim Garst @kimgarst. As of the writing of this guide, she had tweeted 310,000 times!!  


Crazy, right? OK,  don’t get discouraged. It’s easier to become a content machine than you think – Even if you only have a few hours a week to work on this.


There are dozens of types of quick and light types of content that take only a couple of minutes to create and that people love. I mean – people have an bottomless appetite for this stuff. Seriously.


It’s called micro content and it’s what you should be devoting your marketing efforts to. It’s the soul of social media


Why create micro content?

#1 you can produce it fast

#2 You can produce tons of it

#3 It gets to the point immediately

#4 It’s cheap to produce

#5 It’s highly shareable


Use these to become front-of-mind with your followers and subscribers. You can send them to your more substantial content if you want, but they have to know you first.


OK  Here is a list a micro content types that only take moments to create and will keep your fans happy.


They are easily shared and may even turn viral with a little luck.


Here we go



Memes are just images with bold text – usually all caps. They are should be  funny, surprising or inspirational. They are sooooo easy to make. You can make one in 30 seconds. Get the app Meme Generator – and you’ll see what I mean.


Come up with your own text that is relevant to your niche and audience. You can use the stock images but you should also use your own pics as well.



GIFs are great. They are weird little videos that for some reason are hard to stop watching. They make awesome micro content get liked and shared like crazy.


Go to Giphy.com or download the app and start cranking them out.



People love quotations – inspirational, thought provoking, funny. If you can superimpose the quote over a royalty-free image of the author, quick, easy micro content


Go to  https://https://www.goodreads.com/quotes     there are hundreds of thousands of quotes there.  I guarantee you’ll never run out.


Quick Surveys/Thought provoking questions

Ready for some micro engagement?  Think of a thorny dilemma or interesting question and just throw it out there. Or you can encourage replies or votes from your followers. People LOVE to throw their 2 cents in.


Kinetic Typography

If you want to get a bit fancy, you can turn any quote, meme or question into a video with kinetic typography – moving text – in plainer language.


I like Magisto for making easy short videos



There are millions and millions of royalty-free images that you can use to make posts.  Plus all the awesome pictures you take yourself.


Add text – or better yet – use an app like Kinemaster and animate that sucker!


Stats and Facts

Every niche has stats and facts. Find some relevant, current stats and post them. Make sure you cite the source.


Charts and Graphs –  Take your stats many levels higher by turning them into a eye-catching chart or graph.  


There are a few nice free apps for this.  


Under 60 second Audio – Buy a quality microphone make a short (or long) audio files.  Much easier that writing a blog post.


Under 60 Second Video – 90% of videos are a waste of time. Boil it down.


Short bios – shout outs – Show the vital info and stats of some influencers in your niche. Maybe you will get their attention.


Tips – It’s really easy to come up with 50 – 100 tips on any subject. Dole them out one by one and provide a link to download the whole list on your squeeze page.