Get Google to Know, Like and Trust You


Listen, I don’t care what your business model is…

You want Google to like you.

Google is the big dog and it would be foolish to disregard FREE search traffic that can come your way as you build your brand.

There are a few things that you can easily do to assure the Goog that you are worth sending traffic to.

If Google thinks you are shady or just lame, they will ignore you even if you have good, relevant content.

Heed these best practices and Google will reward you with interested searchers.

1. Make sure your contact Info is consistent.

Google likes transparency. They are always battling shady black hat players with dozens of fake names and accounts.

Set Up an LLC.  I highly suggest you set up an LLC and make sure your domain, hosting and website “Contact” and “Legal Pages” information are all consistent.

Turn off the Whois privacy guard for your domain and let Google see you as the owner.

Get an SSL certificate. This is another layer of ownership verification and gives you the “https” URL that Google wants to see.


2. Use Google Products

You probably do anyway. They are free and awesome.

Get a gmail account.

Set up and fill out a Google + profile.

Set up a Youtube Channel.

Set up a blog

Post anything you create to these other platforms. It only takes a few seconds.

If you really want to get on Google’s good side, register and host your domain with them.

3. Set up your site with Google Analytics

Don’t wait for Google to crawl your site. Be proactive and ask them to check out your stuff.

They will give you a special piece of HTML code to paste into the back end of your site. This verifies you as owner of the URL.

Every time you post something, go to Google Webmaster Tools and request a crawl.

4. Post on a consistent basis.

Most of the websites out there are inactive. Google will not send anybody your way if your site falls into neglect.

Try to post something at least once per week.  At least Once per day is best.

Ask Google to crawl it.

Post the same content to YouTube, Google + and your Blogger account. Make sure you link back to your main site.



5. Stay clean

white hat

There are very few people smart clever enough to outsmart Google.

Stay away from any black hat link-building or PBN techniques.

Don’t rip off or spin content. It’s not worth it.

Get an Ahref’s account. Keep an eye on all links to your sight.

Disavow any questionable links. They will drag you down.

These Google best practices are either one-time tasks or only take a few minutes.

You will be rewarded 100-fold for your efforts.



John Astrab
Content and Traffic Pro

Princeton Affiliates, LLC
Princeton, NJ