Forget Writing SEO Blog Posts – It’s a Waste of Time

– I’m gonna tell you today why writing SEO blog posts is a complete waste of time, okay? I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to do, I’m not saying that it won’t pay off eventually, but it is getting more and more difficult, and there are way better ways to use your time, way better, you can get way better leverage doing other things than trying to write SEO blog posts and trying to make Google notice you, okay? And I’m gonna give you nine reasons why that is so.


#1 We have content shock




Number one, we have content shock. In the last ten years, every single marketing agency, ad agency, brand, corporation, decided that they have to chase after this buzz word, content marketing, content, content is king. And, it’s gotten exponentially more crowded, and unless you have a super, super duper niche that no one else is in, it’s gonna be very difficult for your voice to get heard, okay

 #2 Writing SEO-optimized POSTS is HARD and time consuminG




And number two, writing SEO-optimized posts is hard and time consuming. It’s really hard, you have to have skill, and if you wanna really write an effective SEO piece, it’s gonna take you a couple of days of hard work, and I don’t wanna work that hard, okay?

#3 You have limited resources



Number three, you have limited resources. I have limited resources. If you can hire a team of content creators, well God bless you, I can’t. And even then, who knows if it’s gonna be effective. So you have to figure out what the best use of your time and money is, okay?

#4 Keywords are not that important



Number four, keywords are just not that important anymore. If you look at what Google, what factors Google uses for ranking, keywords are now at the bottom third of what it uses to rank, and traffic, time spent on site, the engagement in your, the social signals, engagement of your site, and things like that, loading, all these other things are way more important than keywords. So, they’re just not as important as they were ten or fifteen years ago.

#5  It takes a long time to rank


Number five, it takes a long time to rank. Google, really, you have to. Your site and your posts have to age before Google really accepts them. So, and you know in the meantime, maybe Google changes their algorithm and what was ranking at one time has changed, so, you know, two years to wait, you know, that’s the average for a site, or for a page to rank number one on Google, takes two years, and I don’t have that kinda time. Two years on the Internet is like twenty real years. So, it takes too long.

#6  Video and Audio are the future



Number seven, audio and video are the future. Google has said as much, and 90% of all content is going to be video-based, probably, within ten years. So, if you’re still tapping away at your keyboard, stop it.


#7  There are Voice to Text Tools!!!!!

Number eight, there are voice to text tools. Hey, hey, listen. Hey, listen, there are voice to text tools. You know you can make a video, you can make an audio recording, and press a button, and it turns it to text. It’s like why would anybody type, right, an article? is awesome. It’s, you post a video, and they charge you a dollar per minute for the transcription. And there you go, you have text to plug into your blog post. Google has voice to text. I mean, come on, come on people.



#8  More Channels  More Control on Social Media

social media symbols

Number eight, you have more channels, more control, and more diversity on social media. Share your stuff on social media. Hey, you know, if you get picked, Google likes you, and you get some SEO traffic, fine, but, you don’t wanna rely 100% on Google, you wanna have diversity, that’s what’s building. You know, email, and all these different social channels are way more safe than just trying to rely on SEO.

So, there are my Eight reasons why you should stop banging away, banging on a keyboard, banging your head on a keyboard writing SEO blog posts. It’s time to make videos, make as many videos, and, I should put that on there too, and they’re quicker.

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John Astrab