What is The Number #1 SEO Ranking Factor?

Traffic First Above All Else


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What is the number #1 ranking factor ranking on Google?

Can you guess?

Domain name?  Back Links? Keywords?

No way.

All the importance we have put into keywords and back links over the years has become a not-so-productive use of your precious of time.

Not to mention – writing top quality, SEO-Optimized content takes skill, is time consuming and is really a lot of hard work.

Then the articles have to “age” before Google will rank them.

It works – eventually – maybe. 😕

Or maybe by the time the Big G gets around to it, the algorithm changes or somebody else has written better stuff.

Or maybe these articles you slaved away on are not something anyone wants to read.

Then you’ve wasted so much time to find out what doesn’t work.

Think about it…


Without traffic how do you know what you’re writing resonates with your visitors?

Without traffic how do you know which pages are most interesting.

That’s why writing SEO articles first is a backwards strategy.  Seems like it makes sense, but it’s flawed logic.

Contrary to what people might tell you –


OK, How do I get traffic to my site before I create content?

I’ve got a two word answer for you:

Content Curation


That’s right. Post other people’s content, comment on it, review it and share it EVERYWHERE.

That does 3 things.

  1. It starts filling your site with interesting content.

2. It draws traffic. And traffic raises your rank in Google.

3. It gives you data on what is most important to your visitors.

THEN you can add some massive, SEO-optimized cornerstone articles.

Here is one of my favorite tools for awesome, fresh content.

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OK  Remember – Traffic first and above all else.

It’s right in front of you. Grab it.


John Astrab





The Best (Most Unsexy) Advice I Ever Got

Best Most Unsexy Advice Ever That Nobody Will Tell You

In a sec, I’m going to tell you what separates the successful internet marketers from the unsuccessful ones.


There is a shit ton of advice out there.

Most of it is how-to stuff. A lot of it is very useful.

But it’s often basically sales copy for some program or course.

And it’s usually distracting.

But maybe the best advice I ever received wasn’t about squeeze pages or funnels or emails.

It was so basic and so stupidly obvious that most online marketers ignore it until they quit or get into trouble.

OK Here it is…

Treat your internet business like a …..



Don’t call it …

a hobby

or a passion

or a side-hustle  (I HATE THIS TERM)

or a labor of love.

It’s a business, Goddamn it.

If you call it any of those other names, you are screwing up your mindset.

Every action that a business person takes is towards a goal of making a profit.

That is how you should be. Even if it’s a charitable organization.

You should file for an LLC, get a business checking account and set up a Quickbooks account.  These should be your first steps.


What does this do for you?

It changes you mindset. You are now in business. You’re not just messing around.

Helps you make decisions.  Are your actions making money?

Gets you committed.  You are set up and invested.

Protects you.  If you go on the internet giving advice, you can be sued

Encourages you to invest in your business.  People don’t invest in side hustles

Makes you value your time.  Treat yourself as an employee.

Keeps Track of Expenses.

Reminds you to pay your taxes.

Allows you to sell or flip.  You can’t sell a business that doesn’t have any financial behind it.

Be Successful


96% of people look at internet marketing as something that just spits out money if you find the right “system” – like a betting system at a casino.

If you have that attitude, your chances of real, long term success are pretty slim.

Do yourself a favor.

Don’t say “I’m doing a little side hustle”

Say “I own an internet marketing BUSINESS”

Now, doesn’t that sound better?


John Astrab



Video Transcript

Today I’m gonna give you, in a minute, I’m gonna give you the best, most unsexy advice that anybody could ever give you in regards to internet marketing.

There’s a lot of advice out there, there’s a lot of free information and we live in a great age where you could pretty much, if you just went on YouTube, you could pretty much learn how to do anything, technically, strategically, but there’s advice, there are things that people just don’t talk about ’cause they’re boring and they’re unsexy.

But, you know, the truth is this is the best advice that I could possibly give you that you should treat your internet marketing business like a real business.

Don’t treat it like a side hustle  – , oh, I hate that term side hustle.

It sounds shady.

Hustling, you know, has a different connotation to me anyway,

I’m older. You know, when you hustle somebody, it means you’re ripping them off. I hate, hate, hate the term side hustle.

It’s not a side hustle, it’s a business. Start a business and I’m telling you, if you do that, it’s going to change your outlook on everything, okay?

So, my advice is if you have a plan, if there’s something that you wanna do, start an LLC, establish one in either Delaware or Wyoming, it’s gonna cost you a couple hundred bucks but don’t be a punk, you know, start a real business and get a business bank account and do some financial accounting, get a QuickBooks, and I hate accounting, believe me, it’s the thing I hate the most out of anything in my life is accounting but it is an absolute necessity if you’re gonna try to figure out, if you’re making money, if you’re spending your time wisely, set up those things.

Now, if you do those things, what does it do for you? Okay, it changes your mindset. You’re in business now and you’re not just fucking around. It helps you make decisions. You know, you have a profit motive and everything that you do should be towards that. Is what I’m doing now getting me closer to my goal of making whatever, let’s say 500 bucks a month?

It gets you committed. You’re not just, you know, you’re not just gonna walk away from it, you’ve already, you’ve made a commitment, you’ve built a foundation, and you know, it just changes everything,

It protects you. If you go online and start giving advice on health, on making money, on what to do with your finances, on, you know, exercises to do, you are opening yourself up, you know, I’m just giving it to you straight, you’re opening yourself up to lawsuits. I mean, the probabilities are low but if somebody gets hurt or somebody loses money or somebody thinks you’re a fraud, they can sue you, so you really should have an LLC. If you’re gonna be on business, if you’re gonna be on the internet spouting out stuff, you should have a layer of protection and that’s an incorporation.

It encourages you to invest in your business. People in this space are so reluctant to spend money on their business but if you look at it as an investment then it changes your outlook completely. It makes you value your time. I mean, treat yourself. Any business, any real businessman, treats themselves as an employee. They pay themselves and they keep track of their own time because if you wanna outsource what you’re doing in the future you have to know how much time you’re spending and how much money it’s going to take.

Naturally, keep track of your expenses. It reminds you to pay your taxes. It’s amazing how many guys make tons of money in this business and then they find themselves, I mean, they just, there’s just this perception that being on the internet is not real, it’s like, you’re just, you’re making money and you’re fucking around, you’re making a lot of money, and you don’t have any fiduciary responsibilities.

You have to pay your taxes and they will find you eventually. And, if you ever wanna sell your business or flip it or sell any part of it, if you don’t have financials behind, if you don’t have accounting, it’s gonna be very difficult.

So, that’s my advice for you. It’s unsexy, you’re probably rolling your eyes but, you know, don’t say hey, you know, I’m doing this on the side, I’m doing a little side hustle. Say, I own an internet marketing business because that’s what it is and doesn’t that sound a lot better? Okay, so that’s my advice to you and please, you know, I come from a business background and it just appalls me when I see the people in this space just, you know, mucking around and acting so unprofessionally, so, you don’t have to wear a suit but, you know,

Mark Cuban doesn’t wear, well, he does on Shark Tank but, you know, the guys from Google don’t wear suits, Steve Jobs never wore a suit, Bill Gates never wore a suit, but you have to, they all, all those guys treated their business like a real business.

So, there’s my advice for you, take it or leave it but there it is. So, please Subscribe to this channel, Like this video, comment, you know, call me a, you know, a stodgey A-hole if you want to but this is really great advice in my fucking opinion. So, all right, until next time. Remember, it’s right in front of you, grab it, make it real.

John Astrab


How to Stop Staring at That F*king Blank Page

The Terrifying Blank Page

Blog Post Templates
How does this make you feel?

Blog Post Templates

You call yourself a blogger, a writer, a content creator.

You wake up all excited and get some coffee and open your laptop.

Click “Posts” , then “Add New”

Then there it is…

Blog post template

The blank canvas where you will craft your mini opus.

But there’s something wrong. The blankness of the page seems to have spread directly to your brain.

You are rendered helpless. You can’t even lift your fingers to the key board.

Blogger, Ha!   Content Creator, Double Ha!

OK, Relax. Take a deep breath.

We’ve all been there. Please Don’t be too hard on yourself.

The empty page is probably the worst format for creating tons of relevant, helpful, entertaining content. 

It seems innocent enough. But it is pure evil, and it is a major source of discouragement.

So what do you do?

You use blog post templates. 

Don’t scoff.

Don’t feel like your creativity will be crimped.

In reality, you will be able to create 10X more effective content with blog post templates.

Blog Post Templates do 2 Vital Things


  1. Templates give your writing powerful, proven structure. 

99% of all movies have the same structure –  Setup, Complications, Conflict, Climax, Resolution.  Why? Because it WORKS. 

The internet has been in full swing for over 20 years now. The trial and error period is over. There are proven email and blog post structures that work.

Don’t waste your time reinventing the email. There is plenty of room for creativity within the structures.  Believe me, it will vastly improve the readability of your writing.

2.  Templates Break up Your Task.

Every efficiency expert tells you to break you tasks into small chunks.  That’s exactly what a blog post template does.

Filling out fields that have helpful suggestions above them is soooo much more appealing than trying to fill a page.

Templates are my faithful friends. They have helped me overcome writer’s block again and again.

You should start collect or creating as many as you can.

One of my favorite apps for blog post templates is Article Cinch

==>check it out here<==

I hope you enjoyed this post!


John Astrab