How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet Bribe

Lead Magnets are Vital


Let’s talk about lead magnets. Lead magnets are huge. I guess they started 20 years ago, or so, and they’ve been a staple of online marketing ever since, because they work.

They’re called, bribes. They’re called, incentives. Whatever you want to call them, they are extremely important. Why are they important? What do they do for you?

Why are Lead Magnets Important

Well, they increase conversion rates, especially if your prospect doesn’t really know you. If you don’t haven’t become familiar with this person, a lead magnet is, basically, the only reason they’re giving you their email address, or whatever information that you’re asking for.

A good lead magnet vastly increases conversion rates, which equals lower cost per lead, which is the linchpin to online marketing.

Lower your cost per lead, the more money you’re going to make, or you’re just going to make money. Otherwise, you won’t make money. What else does a lead magnet do for you?

It promotes your brand – and gives you an opportunity to get in front of this person, to get familiar, to show them what you’re about, to just make yourself known. It really is a place to showcase what you can do. And, number three, it provides real estate, internet real estate, for your ads, for offers, for your links for social media, whatever it is.

It’s another piece of internet real estate that you put in front of a prospect to make them see all your stuff. It’s really, really important.

A good lead magnet will lower your cost per lead, and low cost per lead equals success. If there’s something that I want to drill into your head, just keep looking at this over it. This little formula, here, low cost per lead equals success, is about … If you want to get to the guts of internet marketing, that’s it, right there.

What makes an irresistible lead magnet?

Well, the number one thing is that you have to produce something that is useful to the person.

It’s got to be, specifically, applicable to what the person is looking for. It has to help them towards their goal of whatever they’re doing.

How do you do that? Well, ideally, your lead magnet solves a very specific problem that you’re going to research later on. You’re going to find out a problem that a lot of people, in your niche, have and you’re going to make a resource that is going to solve their problem.

General information, stories, statistics, things like that, are really not great for lead magnets. You really want to have something that they can apply to their daily life. What is that?

A Useful, Reusable Reference

The best lead magnet is a reusable reference. Something that they will download – that they’ll print out and tape onto their bulletin board. Something that they’ll look at over, and over, again.

That’s the best, because then they keep looking at it. They keep seeing your name, and your face, and your logo.

What are we talking about? A cheat sheet, a checklist, or a resource list. Here’s an opportunity, if you did some research about, whatever, providers, the internet, let’s say, auto responders, or whatever, the best personal trainers, whatever. This is also an opportunity.

Not only is it useful information for the prospect, but it’s also an opportunity for you to put in affiliate links, or an infographic. These are really great; cheat sheet, checklist, resource list, infographic, and addressing a specific problem.

Make it short and sweet. Number one, they don’t really know you. They don’t know if they want to invest an hour reading a 100-page ebook from you. They have no idea. It’s been proven time, and time again, that the short lead magnets convert way better than long ones, because sometimes a person will get an opus of a lead magnet, and they won’t read it. They’ll download it. It will be sitting there, then they’ll get their emails, and they’ll say, “Yeah, I got to get around to reading that.” It is, actually, counterproductive to your marketing, so make it short, sweet, usable.

Give it an intriguing title. Use a little bit of marketing. Use a little bit of copywriting. Make them curious about it. Use a little bit of curiosity. Don’t explain everything. Leave a little bit of intrigue in the title and that will make it more attractive to your prospect. All right.

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Lead Magnet

Promote your brand and make yourself familiar. Your lead magnet is an opportunity to shout from the rooftop, to say, “Hey, look at me. I am the person that you’re looking for and, from now on, when you see my email, you’re going to open it.”

Be consistent and congruent. You want a consistent message. You want a consistent look to everything in your brand. Make the lead magnet look consistent with your website, with your thank you page, with your emails. Be consistent and get a look, and be congruent. If you are a specialist in a certain area of your niche, then this lead magnet should have something to do with that. So, be consistent and congruent.

Add your contact info, website, your social links. Like I said, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself in a big way to your prospect. So add as much contact information, as you can, a link to your blog, a link to your website, a link to your about me page.

Have a CTA

Have a call to action. Even though it is a lead magnet or an incentive, you have to have a call to action in everything you do in marketing. Even if it’s, “Hey, you know what, follow me on social media. Hey, you know what, check out my blog.” Just have some call to action.

Get your prospect in the habit of doing the things that you ask. They’ve already given you their … They’re thinking about giving you their email address. They got this lead magnet, now, have a call to action inside the lead magnet and make it a good one, and make it worth their while.

Ask for social follows, include your Facebook page, your Facebook group, your YouTube channel. Whatever you do, ask for social follows, it’s a perfect time.

Include an offer, why not? I mean, get the prospect used to being presented with great offers. If you’re giving good offers, if you’re offering good stuff that is helpful, that you would buy yourself, then don’t be ashamed to include an offer in the lead magnet, at some point.

And you can have banner ads, why not? Like I said, it’s your real estate. It’s a “free” lead magnet, but you have to get something out of it too. They gave you the information, you’re giving them this, but, now, you want to give them more stuff that’s great, so you can add ads. Don’t be shy.

Make it look good. Make it look professional. Outsource the cover. Spend a little bit of money in the design and it will be much more appealing. Remember, this is your formal introduction to this person, so don’t make it look crappy.

How to Get Ideas for a Great lead Magnet

How do you get ideas? You’re like, “Okay. I’m going to make a lead magnet. What’s going to be useful?”

Your own experience. If you’re experienced in the niche, then you have had struggles. You know what would have been helpful or what still is helpful. So, use your own experience. And if you’re new to the niche, you can do research.

You can do research, just check out Google. Just start Googling stuff and go to forums, follow influencers. Influencers are good and the followers of the influencers are even better, because they’re the ones that ask the questions.

You’ll notice the same types of questions being asked over, and over, again. That should give you an idea of what kind of valuable lead magnet you should make.

Facebook groups, the same thing. YouTube channels. Now, in all these things, like Google, and YouTube, let the auto complete … When you’re filling out the … How do you find a such and such. Let the auto complete show you what the most asked questions are.

PLR You can get private label rights to a product and a popular product, FAQs, whatever it might be, but use this as a starting point and make it your own. And I mean, really make it your own. Rewrite it in your own … Take some time, rewrite it in your own style.

Further Tips

Make it look consistent with your logo, and with your colors, and make it your own. Make sure that if somebody reads this, this PLR, they didn’t get it, and they got it earlier from somebody else, that they don’t even know it’s the same thing. Just use it as your starting point, and rewrite it completely.
Sorry about that.

It’s going to take some effort, but it is a huge payoff. Your lead magnet could, literally, make or break your campaign. If it’s crappy. Or you might get people to sign up, but if it’s crappy, they’re not going to open your email. So take some effort and spend a few bucks. You can outsource the writing. You can call Textbroker and they can do the writing for you.

Definitely outsource the cover. Just effort and money and this is business. Your lead magnet is something that’s worthy of effort and money. It’s one of these things, you do it once, and if it’s a great incentive, you use it over, and over, and over, again. The return on investment on your lead magnet is incredible. It’s practically infinite.

Remember this, a good lead magnet will lower your cost per lead and low cost per lead equals success. I hope you enjoyed this. Go out there and make a kick ass lead magnet and get those people on your list. All right. Cheers.

7 Rules for Old Newbie Affiliate Marketers


What is an old newbie?

If you grew up before there was internet, and you’ve recently decided to make some money online, you’re an old newbie.


Affiliate marketing is the most beautiful business model ever created.

Imagine – make money from home with no store, no warehouse, No overhead, no inventory, no employees and no accounts receivable.

It’s truly a miracle dream business. Anyone has the potential to create real financial freedom.

Yet most folks who try it quit within a year.

Why? Because they never get that initial success that fuels them onward.

People perceive it as being super easy. They think they can post a few things and go viral (the chances of that are slightly better than the lottery).

Plus there are so many different ways to make money online. It can be overwhelming. There is a tremendous amount of information overload. There are so many voices – so many siren calls to make money this way or that.

They try a few things with zero results. Then they give up.

Here is my best advice to you – find the simple way to make money online- and do it as soon as you can.  It will open your eyes, and show you that it is really possible to make money from the internet.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Find a system that works

Remember – you don’t have years to waste on trial and error and split testing.   If you think you can create a brand new approach to make money online – You’re probably wrong.

The good news it that others have spent millions dollars and hours already on creating highly profitable systems. Take a method that is already working and run with it.

You can put your stamp on it and make it your own later.

Invest in your business

Which is another way of saying invest in yourself.  Don’t be cheap about putting money into training, programs and courses.

You want to get this thing going as fast as possible – not as cheaply as possible.

Revenue covers all expenses, but no amount of money gets your time back.  Spend a few dollars and they will come back fast with their buddies.



Make a Few Bucks – Quickly

Don’t worry too much at first about having a presence on every social platform or “building your brand”.  You can do that over time. Just start making a few bucks.

Don’t scoff at $20/day. It is so magical.  It’s $600 bucks a month. You can lease a Jaguar with that. (You actually should reinvest it in your business – just saying).

More importantly – that income gives you a confidence – confidence to fuel your persistence.

Take it from somebody who has messed around with internet marketing for years, start making commissions as soon as possible – however small.

Keep It Simple – (at least at First)

The term “Internet marketing” is so massively broad. There are hundreds of aspects to it.  Many, many moving parts. Dozens of skills to learn, a multitude of apps and software to get familiar with. It can be paralyzingly overwhelming.

Pick one type of marketing – paid, social, SEO and get good at it.

You don’t have to build a funnel or a massive blog to make money in the beginning.

Don’t even worry about an email list at first. Choose affiliate offers with big or recurring commissions. AND GET ROLLING!!

Reject Perfection

On the internet – you don’t have time for perfection – nobody does.

Things change so rapidly and there’s so much competition, you’ll be left in the dust (and to dust you shall return – just keeping it real).

You can make so much more money and help so many more people producing a lot of content with mistakes then a few “perfect” posts.


Don’t Obsess with Stats

Another piece of advice – don’t be obsessed with your statistics. If you check followers, or visits, or likes or views every day, it can lead to discouragement.

All that will come over time. Believe me. Don’t obsess.

Don’t Compare

The saying goes “Don’t compare the start of your journey to the middle of some one else’s” or something like that.

If you are starting out and you look at people who have been at it for years, you will feel like a rank newbie and you might lose your motivation.

You are on your own journey. Keep your eyes on the road.

If you stay at it, you will hit is a tipping point and then success seems to flood in.

Do Enjoyable work (to you)

Internet marketing has a lot of facets. You are not going to be good at them all. And you will find a lot of them to be drudge work.

If you keep forcing yourself to do tasks you hate, you will burn out. You have to maintain your will power.

The good news it that you only have to do the tasks you like and are really good at – anything else can easily and cheaply outsource.

be prepared to feel kinda dumb

You’ve worked for the last 30 or 40 years and you were really good at your job.

Now you are jumping into a new world with new apps and software and new jargon.

And it feels like everyone in the space is young (little punks!).

You are going to feel dumb and helpless at times. It sucks. You have to push through.

Remember – keep learning and your brain keeps growing.

Do each thing with a result in mind

There are a lot of Seth-Godin types out there who tell you to just create and give away tons of content and you will eventually be rewarded. Maybe, maybe not. But in any case, if you were 22 and single, you could play around with this approach.

Sorry to say it, but you don’t have time to churn out gobs of free content and wait for the world to find you.

Every single thing you do should be done for a specific, desired outcome – not for vague stuff like “building my brand” or “increasing my social presence”.

EVERYTHING you post should have some reason and a definite call to action – even if it’s just “Please like or subscribe”.

treat it like a business – not a hobby

If you are serious, you should approach this as a business – not a hobby or side hustle (I hate that term).

You should start an LLC. Then it’s a REAL business. It represents a commitment to turn a profit.

Use accounting software and keep track expenses and your time.  Believe me,  It will help you make better decisions.

Reinvest heavily

Once you start making some dough, use it to buy courses and training, employ automation software and to outsource whatever you can.

Also – hire a coach or mentor to vastly accelerate your online business.


I wasted four years without making any money on the internet because I disregarded the above advice.  When you are over 50, each year is really precious.

In online marketing – time is of the essence. This is truer for every day that passes.

Get a running start right now.





Micro Content is What You Need to Be Producing

You are an online marketer! Great.

So are you going to post on Facebook or Twitter a couple times a day?

Good Luck!

The Universe of social media is vast beyond your comprehension.

It is getting bigger and noisier and more crowded every single day.

You need to push the pedal all the way down and never let up.


You have to be quick and nimble. Speed is the new big.


You have to produce content and post like a maniac. Don’t worry about overdoing it. You have to get your name out there.


One of my social media idols is Kim Garst @kimgarst. As of the writing of this guide, she had tweeted 310,000 times!!  


Crazy, right? OK,  don’t get discouraged. It’s easier to become a content machine than you think – Even if you only have a few hours a week to work on this.


There are dozens of types of quick and light types of content that take only a couple of minutes to create and that people love. I mean – people have an bottomless appetite for this stuff. Seriously.


It’s called micro content and it’s what you should be devoting your marketing efforts to. It’s the soul of social media


Why create micro content?

#1 you can produce it fast

#2 You can produce tons of it

#3 It gets to the point immediately

#4 It’s cheap to produce

#5 It’s highly shareable


Use these to become front-of-mind with your followers and subscribers. You can send them to your more substantial content if you want, but they have to know you first.


OK  Here is a list a micro content types that only take moments to create and will keep your fans happy.


They are easily shared and may even turn viral with a little luck.


Here we go



Memes are just images with bold text – usually all caps. They are should be  funny, surprising or inspirational. They are sooooo easy to make. You can make one in 30 seconds. Get the app Meme Generator – and you’ll see what I mean.


Come up with your own text that is relevant to your niche and audience. You can use the stock images but you should also use your own pics as well.



GIFs are great. They are weird little videos that for some reason are hard to stop watching. They make awesome micro content get liked and shared like crazy.


Go to or download the app and start cranking them out.



People love quotations – inspirational, thought provoking, funny. If you can superimpose the quote over a royalty-free image of the author, quick, easy micro content


Go to  https://     there are hundreds of thousands of quotes there.  I guarantee you’ll never run out.


Quick Surveys/Thought provoking questions

Ready for some micro engagement?  Think of a thorny dilemma or interesting question and just throw it out there. Or you can encourage replies or votes from your followers. People LOVE to throw their 2 cents in.


Kinetic Typography

If you want to get a bit fancy, you can turn any quote, meme or question into a video with kinetic typography – moving text – in plainer language.


I like Magisto for making easy short videos



There are millions and millions of royalty-free images that you can use to make posts.  Plus all the awesome pictures you take yourself.


Add text – or better yet – use an app like Kinemaster and animate that sucker!


Stats and Facts

Every niche has stats and facts. Find some relevant, current stats and post them. Make sure you cite the source.


Charts and Graphs –  Take your stats many levels higher by turning them into a eye-catching chart or graph.  


There are a few nice free apps for this.  


Under 60 second Audio – Buy a quality microphone make a short (or long) audio files.  Much easier that writing a blog post.


Under 60 Second Video – 90% of videos are a waste of time. Boil it down.


Short bios – shout outs – Show the vital info and stats of some influencers in your niche. Maybe you will get their attention.


Tips – It’s really easy to come up with 50 – 100 tips on any subject. Dole them out one by one and provide a link to download the whole list on your squeeze page.


How to Design Killer Thumbnails That Get Views and Clicks

Hey, John Astrab here. 10 tips to create an awesome YouTube thumbnail that will get clicked. Stay tuned.

All right. Let’s jump right into it.

#1 Tip number one, make a different, shorter, more direct, more sensational message in your thumbnail than in your title.

I mean, it makes no sense to just completely repeat the title of your video in the text on your thumbnail. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s a waste of space. You want to have a slightly different aspect. You want to have a different message, more impactful, and more evocative. Your thumbnail is for impact. It’s for grabbing the eyeball. It’s for grabbing clicks.

This is great, I love Grant Cardone. “Don’t Ever Buy a Home,” is a great title and then “Housing Trap.” I mean, it’s a great word, it’s on an angle, and you see that word trap, and you’re like, “I don’t want to be in a trap. Let me find out what the hell’s going on.” So this is extremely well-done. Make the message different, don’t waste this beautiful real estate by just repeating your title.

#2 Tip number two, make it less than eight words, and make the words short.

Really, two, three, four, five words would be even more ideal. Use symbols and numbers whenever you get a chance. $75 a day, I mean, that just makes its point. An arrow, this thumbnail is okay if it was a girl’s face here on the beach would be even better. But even this, it’s just like, just don’t use that many words. It’s a waste.

#3 Tip number three, make sure your text is big enough to read on any device, especially mobile phone.

Google is putting emphasis on mobile, and so when you’re watching YouTube, you want the people to know what your video’s about by the thumbnail. So I did this one in about three minutes. It’s not a work of art, but it’s pretty good, actually, I think. And write killer YouTube titles, four words. Think killer is in all caps, it’s just a good … I mean, this should grab your attention, and it tells the person what the video’s about in four words that are easily legible on any device.

#4 Tip number four, be garish.

It’s okay on YouTube, especially. Be garish, use high contrast, and bright colors, use shapes. Do whatever you have to, to grab the user’s attention. It’ll stand out from all the other screen shot still frame pictures that most of the people use. So go ahead and be garish. It will get you clicked.

#5 Tip number five, use punctuation marks and symbols.

There’s my buddy, [inaudible 00:03:03], awesome guy. Shopify plus Facebook equals dollar signs. I mean, this is just … It’s more impactful, it takes up less space, and use exclamation points, question marks, they draw the eye. And like I said, using symbols and exclamation marks makes it more visual, okay, more visual than words. So use them whenever you can.

#6 Tip number six, put a face to it.


okay. Having a human face on your thumbnail will make it like … I don’t know what it was, like 10 times more likely to be clicked. Or, at least two or three times more likely. We’re still humans, we haven’t been replaced yet, and it helps if you’re cute like this person. But any face will do. Any face with an interesting expression will do. Don’t look bored. Just put either your face, or a cartoon face, or even a dog face would be fine. But a human face is the best. So make sure you put a face on your thumbnail.


#7 Tip number seven, add a play button image.

This famous YouTube symbol here just makes you … I mean, they designed it to … You just want to push it. You just want to click on it. So make a PNG image or download a PNG transparent image of that and just pop it on your video thumbnails whenever you get a chance. It makes them more clickable.

#8 Number eight, place keyword text or impact word on an angle.

Use angles for your text. Horizontal text is dead, and if you place your … Especially your key word, or an impact word, an evocative word, or whatever. I kind of like this. This whole thing is on kind of a curvy angle. It’s different, it catches your eye. I should have found an example that just had the keyword on an angle and it really makes a difference. It creates movement, it creates interest, it makes the thumbnail much more lively, and it draws your eye. So place your keyword text or impact word on an angle, preferably 45 degrees.

And speaking of movement, that brings us to tip number nine…

#9 Create movement within your thumbnail.

The classic painters were all about moving your eye around the canvas and we can be little Picasso’s here by doing the same thing. You want your eye to jump around. You don’t want it to settle in one spot. I mean, this is a great thumbnail. It’s got a lot of the elements that we just talked about.

The text is different from the title. It’s got this curvy arrow pointing to this donut. It’s got this guy’s image. I don’t know what this means, but still, your eye kind of goes here. Your eye kind of goes like this and it really makes it lively. And who is not going to click on something that says, “Pork floss donut?” So create movement with arrows, peoples’ eyeballs looking, and pointing fingers.

#10 Number 10, use famous brand logos.

Whenever you’re talking about anything that has a brand, use their logo. It may or not be in YouTube’s terms of service, but everybody does it. I don’t think anything is ever enforced. So it draws your eye. These companies have spent millions, and millions, and millions of dollars, crafting their logo, promoting their logos, protecting their logos. They work, they’ve been tested. So whenever you get a chance, whenever you’re talking about anything that has a familiar recognizable logo, slap it on your thumbnail. And this is great, it’s on an angle. Beautiful.

Well, there you have it. 10 awesome tips to make an awesome … It’s a lot of awesomeness flying around here, to make an awesome thumbnail. It will make you stand out. Use that thumbnail. I mean, it’s a gift from the YouTube Gods. Use it to get clicked. And most people don’t use it anywhere near to its effectiveness. So use those 10 tips.


How to Find Unlimited Content Ideas for Your Blog Posts and Videos

How to Find Content Ideas

It’s John Astrab, and today I’m going to tell you how to get an almost unending source of subjects to make your videos about, okay? Stay tuned.

You have to make a lot of videos

I’m sorry. That’s the bad news. You have to make a lot of videos. Why? Number one, because that’s what YouTube wants, okay?

It’s free. YouTube is free, but you have to work at it. The way it’s set up is that you have to work at it. That’s what Google wants, that’s what YouTube wants. They want content producing machines. Okay? That’s what they want. Give them what they want, and you will be rewarded.

Give YouTube What They Want

If you are starting a YouTube channel, you should launch it properly and do a video a day for at least 30 days, probably 60 days is more effective.

Google, YouTube wants to know that you’re in it for the long term. So that’s the first reason why you should produce a lot of videos. Secondly, you should produce a lot of videos because there are keywords … It’s a shotgun approach.

There are keywords that you would never even think about ranking for that you will wind up snagging if you do a lot of videos. Neil Patel does long form content, and he does short term because the long term is like your sniper approach. You’re targeting certain keywords, and it takes a lot of effort. It takes planning, it’s structured, and you’re going after the big gain. But if you do the shotgun approach, that’s making a lot of videos about a lot of different subjects, you are going to start snagging, you’re going to start ranking for stuff that you never would have even thought about. So if Neil Patel does that, then it’s good enough for me.

Well, you need subject matter to make a lot of videos, don’t you? So how do you get subject matter?

Become a Content Idea Collector

Let’s first start with you have to become … If you’re an internet marketer, if you have a niche, you have to become very, very good at collecting subjects for your blog posts, for your YouTube videos, for your emails, and you just have to go into that mode. When you think of something that sounds like a good subject, even if it’s obscure, even if it’s like a long shot, a stretch, a reach, whatever, you have to write it down and you have to make a spreadsheet.

I just started a spreadsheet here, but you have to make a spreadsheet of your YouTube videos, your emails, and you just have to go into that mode. You have to be a collector of subjects, okay? So that’s one thing.

Where do you get those from? You get them from conversations you have. You get them from other things that you watch, other things that you read. You should always be taking notes. You always should be growing that list of subjects. Okay?

What else can you do? Well, you can go over here to the YouTube auto complete. Let’s say you are in the knitting niche, all right. It gives you 10 pretty nasally subjects, but let’s say you go on knitting a scarf. Then you can scroll down, and then you have even more subjects, okay? But what I like to do I like to use one of my favorite tools.

TubeBuddy and Tube rank machine

I like TubeBuddy and I also love TubeRankMachine. TubeRankMachine, if you go to the tags generator right here and put in knitting, now it’s going to pull these tags, these keywords, these long tail, some are short, some are long from actual videos on YouTube. Content creators on YouTube are using these keywords, using these tags on the back end of their videos. When they edit, they put these in. So these are coming.

This is why I like this better than Google Ad Words because Ad Words is for Google. This is specifically from YouTube, okay? So look, you got just from knitting you have 105 results. Now that’s pretty good. 105 videos, all right. But let’s say you do knitting a beanie. You get another 16. So if you get 10 or 15 keywords for every one, I mean you’re going to have like 1500 subjects. Then you can keep drilling down, but I love this YouTube tags generator and TubeRankMachine. I think it’s awesome. It’s awesome for what it’s meant to be, actually finding tags but it’s really great for finding subjects. So that is what I love to do. So that is one of my favorite ways of getting subject matter for my YouTube videos, okay?

TubeRankMachine, you can check it out. I’m going to put a link … Oh, man. I’m going to put the link down below. So check it out. So I find this to be enormously helpful. Okay? TubeRankMachine and then I like to plug it into … Then use TubeBuddy.


Let’s do knitting a scarf to tell me whether this is a good subject or not. But you know what? Just keep producing the videos. Even if it’s something someone else has killed it on, just produce it because you have a different spin. If you optimize, you have a chance of beating somebody else, okay? Or even if it’s something you’ve done already, just do it again. If you’ve done it a year ago, do it again. You have a different perspective now. So just keep producing content. You just can’t fail. You’re not going to over expose yourself. Just keep producing. If there’s any mistake, it’s not producing enough. It’s a noisy world. Just keep doing it, okay? Keep doing it.

Okay. So if you like this video, please like it. Please subscribe. Please check out. Please, please. Oh, I’m so pathetic. Please check out my website. It’s called How did I ever come up with that name? So that’s it. Get a lot of subjects, make a lot of videos, and you will be successful, okay? So until next time, remember it’s right in front of you, grab it, and make it real. Cheers.


How to write YouTube Titles = Get More Views for Your SEO Optimized Video Title and Rank #1

Hey, what’s up, everybody? YouTube titles, are they important? Yes. How do you write a good one? How do you write one that pops up in search? How do you write one that gets clicked? Stay tuned.

Let’s talk about YouTube tube titles. Are they important? Yes, they are very important, and especially if you are just starting out, you want to let Google know, YouTube, Google know that what you’re talking about, what your channel is about, what your videos are about, so use every opportunity that you can to explain to YouTube what the hell you’re talking about.

That means filling out as many tags as you can in your back end, writing a lengthy description and, most importantly, your title. Okay? You want your title to pop up in search. All right? That’s the SEO aspect of it, and it has to be related to the subject of your video. Otherwise, it’s clickbait, and people will not watch your videos, and you will not get shown, so the SEO aspect of it is very important, and you want to use keywords. You want it to sound natural, but you also want to use keywords, and you basically want to say what the video is about. Okay?

Now, the first part of it is the first 50 to 60 characters is the most important for a couple of reasons. Number one, it’s what shows up in these little thumbnails here. Okay? You get approximately 55 characters, depending on whether you are using capitals, whether you’re using punctuation marks or whatever, and this is really your message right here. This is what most people see, so play around. When you’re editing your video, play around and see how it looks in this format right here. Sometimes, if the sentence is cut off and making … Alex Becker can do what he wants because I would … I don’t know. This one got 217K views, so … He just fills this in. It doesn’t really matter, but you … If you’re watching this video, then you’re not Alex Becker.

I mean, the most important thing, in my opinion, about your title is telling YouTube what your video is about because you can use your thumbnail to really get the click-through rates to boil down your message, to sell the sizzle and to have a little bit of a different approach or a little different description of what your video is, a little more sensational, and that’s really where you want to catch the viewer’s attention. Okay? So the title, you’re basically talking to YouTube.

YouTube doesn’t read the text in the thumbnail. You want to send that message directly to your viewer, and that’s where you want to get clicked, so in my opinion, to use the first few words of your title in the thumbnail is a waste because you want to give it a different … You want your thumbnail to have a little bit of a different message. You want to sell the sizzle in your thumbnail, and don’t just repeat the title of your video in the thumbnail. Okay? My opinion, thumbnails are way more important for click-through rates than titles. You get 100 characters in your title. Use them all. Find keywords and use them all. Craft it. Don’t make it sound stilted or awkward, but try to find keywords and fill out that whole title. Use all 100 characters. Why the hell not?

Okay. Again, the first part of your title, you want it to be pretty straightforward explanation of what the video is about. Okay? In the second half, you can maybe be a little bit more sensational. Use some more keywords and make it … You can make it a little interesting. The tool that I like to use is Tube Rank Machine. There is a title generator part of this app. Let’s say you want to do … you’re making a video about Muay Thai. Okay? It will pull up the 20 top videos if you just … somebody is searching Muay Thai. All right?

What you do is you download all the titles, and then it comes up as a text document, and you can start seeing … Okay, of course, Muay Thai is naturally going to be something that you want to have in your video. Fight, fight, fighting, let’s see, ultimate, traditional, strategy, et cetera. Wait, I saw … Let’s see, versus, you can just throw that in, knockout. Okay, so try to … here’s some … Get off my screen, douche bag. Try to filter these in, even in … maybe in your description and in your title. Put this little versus in there. It’s eye-catching. Let’s say your video is about a move that you’re doing in Muay Thai or a stance or something like that. You know what? Filter a few of these real popular words in here, and you can put them in all caps, and it’ll just be more eye-catching.

Let’s say your video is about Muay Thai, a stance, or a move, or something like that. As much as possible, try to use a few of these words within the title. Let’s just say Muay Thai stance ultimate the … or we … ultimate traditional stance for knockouts, something like that, for knockouts, for fighting knockouts or something, for fighting knockouts. No, that doesn’t make any sense. For knockouts. Ultimate Muay Thai fighting stance. Ultimate traditional stance for knockouts. Okay. There’s a title for you. There is the SEO part.

Here is a little bit of a sizzle part, and you’re going to … It’s probably going to show something about this many characters underneath your thumbnail. Okay? In your thumbnail, you could be creative. You can be a little bit more salesy or you could sell your video, be a little bit more sensational. I like just doing this, picking out the words that you see over and over again of the most successful videos, and I like to make a title like that, so there you have it. I’m not going to save that because I’m not doing Muay Thai, so there you have it.

Remember, you want your title to be SEO-friendly. You want it to describe your video. You want the first 60 characters to show up in this little box here and make sense, and you want it to be different from your thumbnail. You want it to be a little bit more SEO, and you want your thumbnail to do the selling for you. Okay? I hope this was helpful. Please like this video. Please subscribe to my channel and click any and all links that you see. Just keep clicking any and all links you see in the description. Remember, it’s right in front of you. You can do this. I mean you could really do this shit. It’s right in front of you. Grab it, make it real. Cheers.

YouTube wants watch time.

If you have proven yourself to YT, they will show you videos in search

Get seen, get clicked, get watched

SEO, CTR, Watch Time

The title of your YouTube video is the most important SEO element of the whole process.

Goal of search is to end search

Use at least 70 characters –

First 50 – 60 characters most important

punctuation marks?    Number?

Call to action

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Don’t Make This #1 Traffic Mistake

Do you want traffic? Of course you want traffic. Everybody wants traffic. This is what you have to do. Stay tuned.

I’m going to tell you the number one mistake that people make when they are trying to get traffic to their website, blog, what have you. You know Twitter.

You know Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, you know you have free traffic. You have paid traffic.

The one thing that all successful internet marketers do is find one traffic source, and fucking kill it.

I mean dive into it, you know, balls deep and kill it, okay?

Learn it inside and out, and then you look at guys like Ty Lopez. -I mean, YouTube advertising. I mean that was his traffic source. I mean that’s it.  Gary Vee, – Twitter. Amy Porterfield – Facebook ads. Pat Flynn – podcasting.

You find one traffic source and you kill it. Do you think if you really took, let’s say, Instagram, and really did … do you think you could make a nice living on that?

Of course, of course.

And Twitter, whatever it is. Do you think if you knew the insides and outs, and had it down pat that you could make a nice living off of one traffic source?

Of course you can.

Okay, but you don’t want to do that forever. The worst thing that you want to do is to start off, and like, oh yeah, I should do Twitter. I should do Instagram. I should do Pinterest. I should do live videos.

If you do all that at once, you’re going to be shitty at every single thing that you do. You’re going to get trickles of traffic from here and there. You got to do one at a time, okay.

You don’t want to do that forever. You want to do one at a time and kill it.

And whatever the traffic source is, there is the law of diminishing returns that when you get to a certain point, it gets harder and harder and harder to get more traffic, so you will know when you hit that point, okay.

If it’s Facebook ads, the more money you spend, you’re just not getting that return, or whatever it is.

If it’s YouTube, you’re cranking out the videos. You’ve got all these subscribers, and it’s rolling along, but to get to that next level maybe it’s not quite worth it.

When you get to that point, you automate. You write down everything, your set of procedures, processes. You outsource, and you get that machine rolling, and then you move on to the next traffic source.

That’s called traffic stacking, okay.

You kill one. You get it set up, as it’s rolling along, then when you’re confident you know everything about it, you go on to the next thing.

I mean, that’s just what all the successful people do, and that’s what you should be doing, so that’s my advice for you. Traffic stacking. Don’t do everything all at once. Do one at a time. Kill it. I mean, really kill it. Learn it inside and out.

Kill it, automate it, and move on to the next thing, and stack it on top of it, and then if you want to have separate traffic sources. Paid, free, and social, because it protects your business. You don’t want to have all your traffic from one source, and then an algorithm change, or a privacy change or something happens, and then you get wiped out. You want to have, build, many different strong traffic sources, so there’s my advice to you.

Please don’t try to do it all at once.

Do them one at a time

Kill it.

Automate it.

Move on to the next.

Remember, it’s right in front of you, grab it and make it real. Cheers.

Forget Writing SEO Blog Posts – It’s a Waste of Time

– I’m gonna tell you today why writing SEO blog posts is a complete waste of time, okay? I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to do, I’m not saying that it won’t pay off eventually, but it is getting more and more difficult, and there are way better ways to use your time, way better, you can get way better leverage doing other things than trying to write SEO blog posts and trying to make Google notice you, okay? And I’m gonna give you nine reasons why that is so.


#1 We have content shock




Number one, we have content shock. In the last ten years, every single marketing agency, ad agency, brand, corporation, decided that they have to chase after this buzz word, content marketing, content, content is king. And, it’s gotten exponentially more crowded, and unless you have a super, super duper niche that no one else is in, it’s gonna be very difficult for your voice to get heard, okay

 #2 Writing SEO-optimized POSTS is HARD and time consuminG




And number two, writing SEO-optimized posts is hard and time consuming. It’s really hard, you have to have skill, and if you wanna really write an effective SEO piece, it’s gonna take you a couple of days of hard work, and I don’t wanna work that hard, okay?

#3 You have limited resources



Number three, you have limited resources. I have limited resources. If you can hire a team of content creators, well God bless you, I can’t. And even then, who knows if it’s gonna be effective. So you have to figure out what the best use of your time and money is, okay?

#4 Keywords are not that important



Number four, keywords are just not that important anymore. If you look at what Google, what factors Google uses for ranking, keywords are now at the bottom third of what it uses to rank, and traffic, time spent on site, the engagement in your, the social signals, engagement of your site, and things like that, loading, all these other things are way more important than keywords. So, they’re just not as important as they were ten or fifteen years ago.

#5  It takes a long time to rank


Number five, it takes a long time to rank. Google, really, you have to. Your site and your posts have to age before Google really accepts them. So, and you know in the meantime, maybe Google changes their algorithm and what was ranking at one time has changed, so, you know, two years to wait, you know, that’s the average for a site, or for a page to rank number one on Google, takes two years, and I don’t have that kinda time. Two years on the Internet is like twenty real years. So, it takes too long.

#6  Video and Audio are the future



Number seven, audio and video are the future. Google has said as much, and 90% of all content is going to be video-based, probably, within ten years. So, if you’re still tapping away at your keyboard, stop it.


#7  There are Voice to Text Tools!!!!!

Number eight, there are voice to text tools. Hey, hey, listen. Hey, listen, there are voice to text tools. You know you can make a video, you can make an audio recording, and press a button, and it turns it to text. It’s like why would anybody type, right, an article? is awesome. It’s, you post a video, and they charge you a dollar per minute for the transcription. And there you go, you have text to plug into your blog post. Google has voice to text. I mean, come on, come on people.



#8  More Channels  More Control on Social Media

social media symbols

Number eight, you have more channels, more control, and more diversity on social media. Share your stuff on social media. Hey, you know, if you get picked, Google likes you, and you get some SEO traffic, fine, but, you don’t wanna rely 100% on Google, you wanna have diversity, that’s what’s building. You know, email, and all these different social channels are way more safe than just trying to rely on SEO.

So, there are my Eight reasons why you should stop banging away, banging on a keyboard, banging your head on a keyboard writing SEO blog posts. It’s time to make videos, make as many videos, and, I should put that on there too, and they’re quicker.

So, that’s my video for today. If you like it, please like it. If you wanna subscribe, please subscribe.

And check out my website,, and when we talk about all things, content, video, marketing, okay? Until next time, remember, it’s right in front of you, grab it, and make it real. Cheers.

John Astrab