Best Traffic Strategy for Your Website – Focus, Dominate then Stack

The Key to Success Online


I’m going to give you a traffic strategy that every internet superstar has used.

It’s not exactly what you think.  Let me explain…

One of the things about internet marketing that drive newbies crazy is that there are an infinite number of things that you could be doing.


There are dozens of social media platforms to exploit.

There’s SEO, paid traffic, free traffic.

For each of these, there are dozens of approaches.

social media symbols

Every time you read about a traffic method, you say ” Oh, my God, I should be doing that!”

There are sooo many things that sound great.

But it’s a trap.trap

I have wasted years chasing  after one thing then the next..

never getting any real results.

Please listen, don’t make that mistake.

Here’s what you should do. It’s what every internet superstar has done:Gary Vee



Pick JUST ONE traffic strategy.  And don’t move on to another until it’s your bitch.


That’s right –  just one at a time.

I know it’s hard, but you have to pick something and put blinders on until you master it.

Believe me – if you become an expert in just one traffic source, you can write your own ticket.

You could stop right there and make a very nice living.

But you don’t want to rely on just one source. You have to diversify to protect your business.

But that’s the beauty of this approach. Once you master a traffic source, break down the tasks and procedures then outsource and automate them.

It becomes a machine that pretty much runs by itself.


Now you pick your next source to dominate.

It’s called traffic stacking. And it works.

Think about Tai Lopez (YouTube ads) Pat Flynn (podcasting) Amy Porterfield (FB ads) Gary Vaynerchuk (Twitter).  They completely mastered their approach, then moved on.

If you start out working a half dozen social platforms at the same time, you will be incompetent in 6 things at once.

Be strong and focus on one approach at a time.

It will put you in that 4% of online marketers that actually succeed.

Check out  what I consider to be the first traffic method for anybody starting out.

And remember…

It’s right in front of you. Grab it. Make it real.


John Astrab